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Automation solutions for residential and industrial area as well as to control pedestrian and vehicle access.

Automated systems for gates and barriers: industrial doors, garage doors and alarm systems. Entrances and automatic gates, pedestrian gates, doors and finished special entrances. Parking and access control: with collection and parking dissuaders traffic bollards. Motors for blinds and awnings: blinds, projection screens and shutters


IMPORTANT: The prices listed in the catalogs shown are outdated, consider them as a guide. Please check with us for exact price in 2019. We are working to replace them in the shortest possible time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hinged doors

Automatismos FAAC para puertas abatibles.



Automatismos FAAC. Barreras.


Access control.

Automatismos FAAC. Control de accesos.


Sliding doors

Automatismos FAAC. Puertas correderas.


Glass doors

Automatismos FAAC. Puertas de cristal correderas y abatibles.

Roller doors

Automatismos FAAC. Puertas enrollables.


Equipments and controls

Automatismos FAAC. Equipos y mandos.


Blinds and awnings

Automatismos FAAC. Persianas y toldos.


Sectional doors

Automatismos FAAC. Puerta seccional.