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By perimeter fence is achieved close and define public and private spaces. Mainly provide security against theft but also against accidents and preventing access to areas involving danger. Their use can also be decorative or as an element in architectural design. Its application extends from the home, the residential, buildings, etc. up public parks, sports facilities, factories and industries. There are many different types of perimeter fences, each adapted to the application and use to which they will be assigned. The following shows the extensive catalog of products that we offer::

Fencing for gardens



Gates and fences

Cerramientos. Puertas y vallas para cerramientos.



Cerramientos. Concertina.


Simply twisted

Cerramientos. Simple torsión.



Cerramientos. Sistema CLOPISCINE.

Folded mesh

Cerramientos. Verja plegada.


Door MP50. Enclosures

Cerramientos. Puerta MP50 cercados.


Wood fences

Cerramientos. Cercados de madera.


Fence Privacy

Cerramientos. Valla Privacy.


Sports areas enclosures

Cerramientos. Cercado zonas deportivas. BEKASPORT.